Speck Bros.
HOP wine labels

Wines of Origin — Elegance

Henry of Pelham is our classically styled family of wines (named after a Great Grandpa). We focus on Short Hills Bench estate vineyards as an expression of origin.


Sibling Rivalry logo

Wines of Family — Style

Sibling Rivalry is about when we were kids and planted the vineyards at Henry of Pelham. It de-emphasizes varieties and emphasizes style.


House Wine Co. logo

Wines of Philosophy — Easy

House Wine Co. is about where we grew up. The wines are 'House party' and 'restaurant house' wines with a twist. The HOUSE philosophy is to pair locally popular varieties of grapes (Riesling) with international favs (Pinot Grigio), or Cabernet Franc with Shiraz — all locally grown 100% VQA.


Family Tree logo

Family Tree by Henry of Pelham

Family Tree celebrates the idea of family. These wines are made from fruit sourced off of our own vineyards but also those of our friends, neighbours and distant cousins across the Niagara Peninsula. There is no one grape variety in each wine. Instead they reflect the best fruit from each site married with other complimentary grape varieties from neighbouring vineyards. In this way we have created easy going wines of sophistication that are a reflection of the people and place that they come from.


Silver Bay Image

Wines of Leisure — Simple

Silver Bay is that place we kick back. Where we hit a Niagara beach with friends and family, light a beach fire, grill a rustic meal and tell the same old stories late into the night with only the stars to keep us honest. Where's your Silver Bay?